Add a touch of spice and variety to mealtimes with our hand-blended spice kits and pots. No need for expensive equipment or years of cooking experience and no more out-of-date spices at the back of your cupboard. Each kit and pot contains simple instructions and the exact spices and herbs you need to create your own home-cooked delicious.

No additives or preservatives. Just bags of reasons to cook and pots of reasons to try!

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Spice Kits

Spices don’t just mean curries and fiery heat so we’ve created a variety of main dishes using meat, fish and vegetables. Our spice kits contain easy-to-follow recipes and enough quality spices and herbs to make 8 servings.  Perfect for cooking up a delicious midweek meal or sharing with dinner party guests at the weekend.


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Spice Pots

Why not use one of our spice pots to create your own fresh Thai or Indian curry sauce? Each pot contains enough spice to make 10 servings and comes with clear instructions how to make your curry paste. There’s also a suggested a curry recipe but whether you choose to add chicken, cauliflower or chickpeas is entirely up to you!



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Spice Pouches

We also stock a range of slightly more unusual spices which you are less likely to find in your local supermarket. All our spices come in small usable quantities and are packed in heat-sealed, resealable pouches for safe and easy storage.


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Ground Star Anise


This is one of our absolute favourites to work with as it smells so good! The ground spice comes from the beautiful pods and seeds of a Chinese evergreen tree and is the main ingredient in Chinese five spice powder.


We use it in our Spicy Ginger Pork spice kit but it goes equally well with chicken or root vegetables, enhancing the sweetness of the latter. The sweet, liquorice flavour can be overpowering though so sniff as much as you like but use sparingly!


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