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Here at Case for Cooking, we like to keep things simple and easy-to-use so we’ve put together a list of the questions that we get asked the most often. We hope you’ll find this list useful but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at or fill out our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



  • Question: Are your spice kits and spice pots vegan friendly? Are they gluten free?


    Yes. We don’t make any specific health claims about our products but we only use good quality spices and herbs in our kits and pots. They contain no bulking agents or additives  and we always put quality before cost when choosing our spices.


  • Question: How long do the meals take to prepare?


    Each recipe is different so we’ve clearly marked the preparation and cooking times on the front of each packet. They do each take a bit of time though as we want you to enjoy the  cooking process as much as you enjoy the actual eating. Some dishes can be half prepared the day before to give you more time with friends, family and dinner guests!


  • Question: I’ve lost my recipe card. Can I get a replacement?


    Of course. Just let us know which spice kit or spice pot you have and we’ll email you a copy.

  • Question: How do the curry spice pots work?


    You use the spices in each pot to make up the curry paste (you can do this in advance) and then use the paste to form the base of your curry sauce. Each pot comes with clear instructions on how to make the paste plus a suggested curry  recipe.

  • Question: Are your products organic?


    We use organic ingredients wherever possible.

  • Question: Will I need lots of expensive ingredients to make up the meals?


    No, definitely not. We try to ensure that our recipes do not need hard-to-find or exotic ingredients.

  • Question: Do I need any special equipment to make your meals?


    No! We have tried to keep the kitchen equipment we use to an absolute minimum. We've even put alternative measurements in so that you could still make the dish if you don’t have a set of scales to hand. You could even make the dishes on your camping stove should you wish to!

  • Question: Is your packaging recyclable?


    We use recyclable and recycled packaging materials wherever possible. However, we are also exploring new options for our packaging and hope that it won’t be long before everything we use is fully compostable instead.

  • Question: Where can I buy your products?


    On this website and selected other sites including, and You’ll also find us at food fairs and shows: check out our Facebook page for latest details or go to our events page.

  • Question: Do you deliver outside of the UK?


    No. At the moment, we only deliver to the UK mainland.

  • Question: Will my order fit through the letterbox?


    Our individual spice kits are designed to fit through a standard letterbox. Our pots won’t though.

  • Question: How quickly will I receive my order?


    We aim to despatch all our orders by the next working day at the latest.


    If you order on a Friday afternoon, your order will be posted out on Monday. We send by Royal Mail 2nd Class.


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