Bags of Reasons to Cook


They say nothing beats good, fresh, home-cooked food and we couldn’t agree more. We’re not chefs but we love cooking with fresh produce and we love eating good food, especially when we know exactly what is in it.


We also love variety in our dinners and want to convince as many people as we can that variety needn’t be expensive or complicated. So, we’ve created a range of easy-to-use spice kits and spice pots across a variety of different cuisines.


Each kit and pot comes with clear instructions and our recipes use only easy-to-find ingredients and basic kitchen equipment. No fuss, no waste and no unused spice jars. Just bags of reasons to cook and pots of reasons to try.

Quality, quantity and (no) quinces


Our spice kits and spice pots contain only good quality spices and herbs. All our blends are gluten-free and are suitable for both a vegetarian and a vegan diet. We add nothing extra and we always look at quality before cost when choosing our suppliers.


We hate waste so wherever possible we try to make sure that our recipes only ask for whole ingredients or standard pack or can sizes.


We also try not to use any exotic or hard-to-find ingredients. We don’t live in a major city so we know all too well how frustrating it can be when you can’t find a key ingredient for your recipe!

Bags, boxes and the compost bin


Packaging is a key issue for us, as we know it is for many customers too. Wherever possible, the packaging we use for our spice kits and spice pots is recyclable.  We are also looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use. These include refill packs and biodegradable bags and pouches which we are currently testing with our spices. We won’t stop researching until all our packaging can be safely put in the compost bin!

Pots of reasons to try


We’ll be regularly adding new kits, pots and pouches to our range so why not follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to keep up to date with our latest blends and recipes?  You’ll also be able to see when we’re at a food fair or show near you.


And don’t forget that spices don’t only mean curries so even if a Thai curry or Indian curry isn’t your thing, there will still be pots of reasons for you to give cooking a go!


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